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Aluminium shuttering

Aluminium shuttering price:140USD/M2

● What is aluminium shuttering

Aluminium shuttering, also called mivan shuttering, is a temporary support structure made of aluminium alloy. It is used to create the shape of walls, floors, stairs, beams, or other structures of buildings, ensuring that the buildings meet design requirements and standards. With innovative aluminium shuttering technology, you can improve the load-bearing capacity of residential buildings, effectively ensure the accuracy and stability of concrete and components, improve the construction efficiency, and reduce construction costs.

aluminium shuttering

● Aluminium shuttering parameters

Aluminium shuttering material Complete extrusion
Thickness of aluminium shuttering panel 4mm
Thickness of frame 8mm
Height of frame 65mm
Average weight 22-25KG/Sqm
Raw materials Aluminium alloy 6061-T6
Standard wall panel width 50mm to 600mm
Standard slab panel size 400x1100mm
Surface treatment Mill finish or Powder coating as client's requirement

● What are the benefits of aluminium shuttering?

1. Our aluminium shuttering system is light in weight, the weight of aluminium shuttering plates is typically around 22-25kg per square meter. As a result, it enables fast construction speed and short project duration, meeting the requirements for construction efficiency.

2. Our aluminium shuttering material is aluminium alloy, which has a high level of reusability (It can be reused 300 times), and a relatively low average usage cost, allowing for significant savings in production costs.

3. Our aluminium shuttering system present excellent stability with high load-bearing capacity.It can withstand a load of 70kW/m2.

4. Aluminium shuttering plates can be assembled into formwork of different sizes and shapes, solving some of the shortcomings of traditional formwork and improving work efficiency. In theory, using aluminium shuttering plates can achieve the effect of no plastering, but it is necessary to ensure proper vibration and correct construction procedures during the aluminium shuttering construction process in order to maximize the effectiveness of aluminium shuttering.

aluminium formwork shuttering

● Aluminium shuttering components

The aluminium shuttering system offers a seamless, one-step molding process with comprehensive pouring capabilities, ensuring precision construction marked by minimal errors and exceptional accuracy. This approach bolsters the overall strength and extends the service life of buildings, making it an ideal choice for towering skyscrapers. The construction of aluminium shuttering system necessitates a multitude of components, each playing a pivotal role in the construction process. The aluminum shuttering components include aluminium shuttering pans, shuttering aluminium beam, aluminium shuttering plate, etc, the following is a image of aluminum shuttering components.

aluminium shuttering parts
aluminium shuttering technology in construction
aluminium shuttering tools

Hole Bari Tool is used to align holes with each other and reinforce the locking pins and wedges.
Panel Puller is used for the quick removal of the aluminium shuttering plates.
Transfer Box is used to transfer aluminium shuttering pans between two floors.

● What is aluminium shuttering suitable for?

The aluminium shuttering for concrete serves as an efficient and reliable construction support system, widely applied in various projects such as high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, commercial structures, bridges, and villas.

1. High-rise buildings: The application of aluminium shuttering for concrete is particularly prominent in high-rise buildings. Its lightness and easy installation characteristics significantly improve construction efficiency. At the same time, its high strength and high stability also ensure the overall quality of the building.

2. Residential buildings: Whether it is a high-rise residential building or a villa, aluminum shuttering can meet diverse structural requirements and provide stable and reliable support.

3. Commercial buildings: Commercial buildings such as shopping malls and hotels have high requirements for the appearance and internal structure of the building. Aluminium formwork shuttering can meet these requirements and achieve precise construction.

4. Public buildings: Public facilities such as schools and hospitals have strict requirements on building structures. aluminium shuttering system can provide stable support to ensure the safety and durability of the building.

5.Special structures : Aluminium formwork shuttering is also suitable for concrete structures such as wall columns, floor beams, stair door and window openings, and balcony floating boards of various complex structural shapes. It is combined into a formwork system for a complete concrete structure with a bearing capacity of up to 50~60kN/m².

aluminium shuttering system

As a professional aluminium shuttering manufacturers, we provide the price of aluminium shuttering wholesale


▲ The installation and dismantling process for aluminium shuttering plates
Measuring and setting out→installing wall columns steel bars and water and electricity →apply shuttering oil for aluminium formwork→installing wall columns aluminium shuttering→installing shuttering aluminium beam →installing decks aluminium shuttering→installing deck steel bars and water and electricity→adjusting and reinforcing the aluminium shuttering system→checking and accepting→pouring concrete→curing the concrete→dismantle wall columns aluminium shuttering→dismantle shuttering aluminium beam→dismantle decks aluminium shuttering plates→clean→transport→cycle construction

aluminium shuttering work

▲ How to install aluminium shuttering system?

The installation of aluminium shuttering technology is similar to building with blocks. Take a double-storey villa as an example, first, based on the site's dimensions and design drawings, the aluminium shuttering is prefabricated and assembled to confirm its accuracy. It is then transported to the construction site, and the workers start aluminium shuttering construction according to their assigned numbers. Finally, steel reinforcement is used to secure the structure, and concrete is poured into it. Once the concrete has dried, the construction work is completed.

aluminium shuttering project
aluminium shuttering construction
shuttering aluminium beam

▲ Aluminium shuttering vs conventional formwork

1. Integrated construction
Aluminium shuttering system adopts an integrated construction method, which minimizes the possibility of leaks at window sills and exterior walls.
2. Reduced hollowing and crack.
This aluminium shuttering technology can maximize the reduction of wall surface cracking problems.
3. High-precision construction.
Due to the advanced aluminium shuttering technology in construction, there has been a significant improvement in construction precision.
4. High-quality aluminium material.
Aluminium extrusions have strong rigidity, and according to relevant data, can be reused at least 200 times, guaranteeing the construction process and promoting recycling value.
5. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the way in green buildings.
Aluminium shuttering material is a renewable material that greatly reduces the waste of traditional wood materials and is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

▲ Aluminium shuttering pans construction precautions

1. When aluminium shuttering construction, it does not allow carpenters to cut or polish the formwork. If there are issues with loose assembly or an inability to fit properly, it is necessary to check whether the bolts are tightened and whether there are any assembly errors.
2. It is recommended to arrange for workers to learn the aluminium shuttering technology of assembling and disassembling at the aluminium shuttering manufacturers before pre-assembly. This can improve construction efficiency and quality on site.
3. When installing aluminium shuttering components, aluminium shuttering oil must be evenly applied.
4. The aluminium shuttering pans system should undergo three measurements. The first measurement should be made after the wall column assembly is complete, to precisely control the elevation, flatness, and verticality of the aluminium shuttering pans. The second measurement should be made after the deck aluminium shuttering pans is installed, with real-time adjustment of the flat tie, steel waler, push-pull prop, shoring props, and waller clamp. If it is found that the error between the aluminium shuttering pans and the control line exceeds 4mm, it should be adjusted in time. The third measurement should be made within 30 minutes after pouring and adjusting as necessary.
5. During the dismantling process, it is important to take measures to protect the aluminium shuttering sheet and avoid rough handling. After removal, it is necessary to promptly clean the surface of the concrete.

aluminium shuttering in india

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