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steel formwork system

steel formwork

The steel formwork is a project formwork which is used for concrete laying during the construction process, it is usually made of treated steel plates.

The steel formwork system is a measurement which protect the concrete from the effects of external factors, and it can speed up the solidification of concrete, improve the construction efficiency. The steel formwork is a normal and necessary tool in building construction.

steel formwork system

● Advantage of steel formwork

Our steel formwork for concrete for sale has obviously advantages in the construction industry and other fields, mainly include the following aspects:

1. High strength: The steel formwork is made of good quality steel material, it can bear heavy load and pressure, will not deform easily, which is helpful to assure the construction quality and safety.

2. Good stability: Steel formwork for concrete has excellent stability, not east to bend and deform. This excellent performance makes the steel formwork can keep stable during the building construction, improve construction accuracy and efficiency.

3. Good corrosion resistance: The surface of steel fixing and formwork has been specially treated, which make it has excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and can fit for various construction environment and conditions, extend the service life of steel formwork.

4. High reuse rate: The steel formwork for concrete is designed and manufactured with precision, it can be use recycle and reuse for many times. This not only reduce the construction cost and waste, but also comply with the concept of sustainable development.

5. High construction efficiency: The steel formwork for concrete has strong and durable features, can effectively support the concrete pouring. The steel formwork panels also is convenient for disassembly and moving, which is helpful to improve the construction efficiency and quality.

6. Flexible design: The steel formwork system has good design flexibility, it can be customized according to different bridges forms. Steel formwork system can also make overall adjustments and modifications, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the construction.

7. Good fire resistance: The surface of the steel used by the bridge steel formwork contractors adopts special fire-retardant paint or coatings, has excellent fire resistance, can effectively protect the safety of the formwork and the surrounding buildings.

8. Safe and energy saving: Concrete construction steel formwork improves the construction safety for workers, saves the construction time and reduce the energy consumption. In addition, the steel formwork has good durability, long service life, reduces the needs of replacement and maintenance.

9. Strong adaptability: The steel formwork for shuttering can adapt to various different building structure and construction requirements, has strong adaptability.

In general, steel formwork for shuttering has been widely used in the construction fields due to its various advantages, especially has excellent performance in the construction of large concrete structure building.

steel circular column formwork

● Parameter of steel formwork for concrete slab

Steel formwork materials Q235 steel plate
Length 900-1800mm(customizable)
Width 200-600mm(customizable)
Height 55mm(customizable)
Plate Thickness 3-5mm(customizable)
Welding Technique CO2 Arc Welding
Surface Treatment spray painted, powder coated

● Processing flow of steel formwork for concrete

1. Designing drawings: Drawing the steel formwork design according to the customer drawing requirements, confirm the steel formwork sizes and models.

2. Purchasing materials: Purchasing corresponding steel formwork materials according to the model specified in the drawing design of steel formwork.

3. Steel cutting:Cutting the steel formwork materials according to the standard dimensions indicated on the drawing. Please pay attention to the accuracy of size and flatness of cutting surface when cutting.

4. Bending and punching: Processing the steel formwork panels by bending machine and punching machine. Bending machine can bend the steel plates into required shapes, while the punching machine is used to process holes on the steel plates, make the install and use be more convenient.

5. Welding and heat treating: Welding the cut steel plates through gas welding, electric welding etc., and then heat treatment the weld seam to improve the welding strength and stability.

6. Grinding and sanding: Grinding and sanding the assembled steel formwork panels to remove the burrs and rust of flat surfaces and corners, to ensure the smoothness and beauty of steel formwork panels surfaces.

7. Surface treatment: Spray or galvanize the steel fixing and formwork to improve the corrosion resistance and extend the service life. The spraying of steel fixing and formwork usually use epoxy resin coating, the galvanizing is to immerse the steel plate in zinc liquid to form a zinc film.

8. Inspection and testing: Inspecting and testing the finished steel fixing and formwork, to see if the dimension and shapes meet the design requirements, and whether the durability and service life meet the standards.

9. Packaging and shipping: Packing and shipping the inspected concrete construction steel formwork, make sure they can arrive to destination safely.

● Application of steel formwork

Steel formwork is a widely used temporary supporting structure, especially when pouring the concrete slabs. steel formwork for slab. It is high loved due to the advantages such as high strengthen, reusable, easy to install and disassemble etc. Even in Malaysia and other countries, the demand of steel formwork Malaysia is keeping growing with the fast development of construction industry. Since the steel formwork price in China is relatively low, China becomes the main steel formwork supplier of Malaysia. [Steel formwork also be widely used in Bangladesh and other countries. No matter new building or maintenance project, steel formwork in Bangladesh can provide effectively supporting and formwork function.

The application of steel formwork is mainly showed in the following aspects:

steel formwork philippines

1. Construction of concrete structure: Building steel formwork is one of the most commonly used formworks in the concrete structure construction. Building steel formwork can be used to pour the concrete walls, slabs, beams and columns and other position, providing the support and forming functions. Steel formwork for concrete walls, steel circular column formwork can ensure the accurate dimensions and smooth flatness of the concrete structure.

2. Underground project: steel formwork system can be used for the construction of underground projects such as tunnels, basements, subway stations etc. It can be used to support surrounding rock, formed tunnel walls, roof and for the construction of temporary slope support and underground holes.

3. Bridges and elevated structure construction: In the construction of bridges and elevated structures, steel formwork for concrete can be used to support the pouring of bridge piers, abutments and beam sections, etc. to help achieve the accurate positioning and shape forming of structures.

4. Industrial plant and warehouse construction: Steel formwork for column, concrete formwork steel stakes, steel formwork for slab can be used for the construction of walls, roof and floors of industrial plant and warehouse, provide the temporary supporting and forming capacities.

5. Basic project: Steel fixers formwork can be used to the basic projects, for example, the underground pipes construction, caisson forming and anti-collision walls, etc.

steel formwork price is different depending on the factors such as material, dimension, manufacturing process, etc. we should consider the exactly project requirements to select the suitable steel formwork. In addition, steel formwork should match with some auxiliary components such as steel formwork pegs, steel formwork pins, etc.,to ensure the stability and accuracy of steel formwork. When you buy steel formwork, you should choose the supplier with good reputation to ensure the good formwork quality and after-sales service.

● Components of steel formwork

Steel formwork is mainly consist of steel formwork panels, supporting system, connection parts, reinforce materials, etc.

1. Steel formwork panels: Steel formwork panels is the key parts of steel formwork, usually made of steel. The width and length of steel formwork are usually composed of integer multiples of a certain base, for example, 1m, 2m, 3m, etc.

2. Supporting system: The supporting system is the frame of steel formwork reusable, it is used to support the steel formwork panels and ensure their stability. Supporting system usually consist of steel frame, steel panel, steel props formwork and so on.

3. Connection parts: The connection parts are used to join the parts of formwork of steel together, for example, between steel formwork panels and steel formwork panels, between steel formwork panels and supports, etc. Connection parts usually include U-shaped clips, L-shaped pins, hook bolts, butterfly fasteners, etc.

4. Reinforce materials: Reinforce materials are used to enhance the strength and stability of formwork of steel. For example, the thin rectangular or circular cross-section steel pipes in supporting system.

These components of steel formwork cooperate with each other and form a stable and reliable steel formwork system, to support and form the concrete structures.

● What is bridge steel formwork?

Bridge steel formwork is a steel formwork for bridge structure building. It is reusable, mainly made of steel, has high strength and stiffness. Bridge steel formwork is mainly used for the piers, cap beams, beam slabs and other bridge parts, can bear large pressure and bending force. The bridge column steel formwork design and manufacture need strict calculation and testing, to ensure the safety and stability.

The manufacturing process of bridge steel formwork is complicated, it requires to use advanced machinery equipment and professional steel formwork design calculation software, carry out precise cutting, bending, welding, assembly and other processes. As a manufacture with strong technology ability and rich bridge steel formwork fabrication experience, we can offer customized services according to customer requirements.

steel formwork for column

The functions of bridge steel formwork in bridge construction are mainly include the following aspects:

1. Support and fix the concrete structure: Bridge steel formwork is used to ensure the concrete can keep required shape and position during the construction process by providing necessary support and fixation. The steel formwork system can undertake the concrete weight and construction load, avoid the sinking and deformation, to ensure the accuracy and stability of bridge structure.

2. Formwork:Bridge steel formwork confirms the concrete pouring shape, dimension, curve and other parameters according to the design requirements and the complexity of building structure. By using bridge steel formwork, can ensure the accuracy and consistency of concrete structure.

3. Improve safety: Bridge steel formwork plays an important role in security during the bridge construction process. It can protect workers from falling from the high places or other construction hazards hurts, provide reliable work platform and supporting structure. In addition, bridge steel formwork can reduce the accident during the construction and ensure the safety of construction site.

4. Improve the construction efficiency: Using bridge steel formwork for column can greatly improve bridge construction efficiency. Compare to traditional wooden formwork, steel formwork is more stable and durable, and can be disassembled and moved fast. This can short the construction period, improve construction efficiency, and mostly reduce the project delay.

5. Reusability: Steel formwork for concrete is a reusable construction mode with long service life. Once one bridge construction is finished, steel formwork for concrete can be disassembled and reuse into other projects. This not only save resource and cost, but also reduce the impact on the environment.

Steel formwork for concrete
Steel fixers formwork

● Steel formwork vs timber formwork

Steel formwork and wooden formworks are two commonly used formwork materials in the building construction. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of steel formwork:
1. High strength: Steel formwork is made of high strength steel, has good resistance to compression and bending, can bear large construction load.

2, Strong durability: Steel formwork has long service life, can be reused for many times. It is not easy to broken in use, saves the formwork investment and maintenance cost.

3 High construction efficiency: Steel formwork can achieve overall assemble and disassemble, easy to install, can greatly short the construction period, improve construction efficiency.

4. Flat formwork surface: Steel formwork has excellent manufacture process, the formwork surface is very smooth and flat, can meet the requirements of high demand building construction.

5. Good environmental performance: Steel formwork can reuse for many times, which can ease the shortage of forest resources to a certain extent.

Steel formwork disadvantages:
There are two disadvantage of steel formwork:
1, Has high requirement on building standardization: Steel frame formwork usually be designed at advance and carry out standardized production, this means, if the building structure is not standard enough, for example, if it has too many components, it has to modify the steel frame formwork, this will take more time and cost.

2, High requirement on management: Steel formwork is very heavy, need to be installed with a crane, so has high requirements on worker’s operation and construction skill. If the mangers are not skilled enough, the construction efficiency may lower than wooden formwork.

The advantages of wooden formwork:
High usage efficiency: The manufacture of wooden formwork is simple, it is easy disassembled, has high construction speed.

Good environmental performance: Wooden formwork mainly made of natural wooden and environmental coating, etc. it has few pollution to the environment during the construction.

Wide application range: Wooden formwork can be used to various parts of concrete structure construction, and has high customization degree.

Relatively low cost: Compare with other material formwork, such as steel formwork, aluminum formwork, the cost of wooden formwork is relatively lower.

The disadvantages of wooden formwork:
Easy to moisture and deformation: Wooden formwork is easy to be affected by humid environment, if not store correctly, it will suck the water and cause deformation, finally reduce its service life.

Easy to cause fire: The wooden formwork is easy to be fired, has bad anti-fire performance, and also easy to affect the surrounding environment.

Weak tightness: The interface of wooden formwork has weak tightness, which is easy to cause the concrete leakage, lower the project quality.

In general, both steel formwork and wooden formwork has their own advantages and disadvantages, users can make choice according to the special project situation, such as the standardization degree of building structure, construction period, environmental requirements, etc.

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